5-2-18...Why Not?

Our nutrition program is coming up and starting May 19th.  This program builds everything out for you.  Meal plans, recipes, amounts to eat, lectures on the why behind the recommendations.  It literally sets you to to be incredibly successful.

Recently, I was told this program has been responsible for healing a members Barrett's esophagus.  This is a pre cancerous disposition in the throat. It requires regular check ups and if not corrected can lead to throat cancer. After completing several rounds of the nutrition program this person has been completely healed and doesn't even need to do follow ups with the doctor.  All symptoms are gone.

I was also told recently that someone on this program has dropped all their blood pressure medications, and diabetic medications.  They were Type 2 diabetic and have gotten off metphormin and went from taking several pills every day to nothing.

Health wise the program works.

Now let's talk about body composition.  The people that complete this program have dropped tons of fat and added quite a bit of muscle.  The goal for 99% of the people here at LivLimitless is to lose body fat and improve their body composition.  I.e. feel better about their body.  This program works tremendously for that.

Lastly, lets talk about the benefits to performance.  The body functions better when you're putting the right fuel in it.  Your car engine does not run well when you put sugar in the gas tank.  The same happens for you.  This program sets you up to win on all fronts.  #protip when your performance increases your results from the training also increase.  Meaning the more weight you can lift, and the harder you train, the more muscle you get and the more fat you lose.  It's a win/win situation.  The nutrition supports the training and the training creates a better response.

So my question to you is this?

Why aren't you doing this program?

I know all the reasons given.  "I can't afford it."  "I don't have time." "I'll be traveling this summer."  "I don't want to focus on my nutrition." "Training is enough." "My family won't eat the food." the list goes on.

- I can't afford it

The program is $99 a month.  Most programs around the country that offer way less service then we are offering charge upwards of $199 a month.  You get a ton of service for a very reasonable rate.  That being said, I spent $30 at chick fila last week to feed my family. (grilled nuggets guys calm down) If you were to eat out 3 less times in the month you'd be eating better food, getting better results, and be able to afford the program.

- I don't have time

Most people have the time, it's just about prioritizing the time to accomplish what you need to accomplish.  Many of the meals we give you require less then 30 minutes of time to create.  Find the ones that work for you and knock them out.  Or you can spend about 90 minutes 1 x a week and prep for the week.  It really doesn't take as much time as you think.

- I'll be traveling this summer

Great! Every restuarant you eat at has fish, steak, pork chops, vegetables.  It's very very doable.

- I don't want to focus on my nutrition. Training is enough

False, YOU CAN NOT OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET.  The nutrition must support the activity.  Otherwise you're working out to stay where you're at.  I'm pretty certain nobody joined us in order to stay exactly where they are at currently.  If you train hard and then eat like a booty, then your body will not respond the way it needs to and you'll basically counter act what you're doing training wise.  You've already invested money into your training, why not support that investment?

- My family won't eat the food.

It's my opinion that your family should support you.  Isn't that what families are for?  Even so, there are delicious meals in the meal plans.  Find some staples that they will eat and keep going with it.  Plus, don't you want your family to live longer, be healthy, thrive?  This program will help them be healthier and to me that's a win.  Eat delicious food, be healthy.  I've had several stories of husbands losing a ton of weight even though they aren't members and not measuring due to eating what the wife who is a member is cooking.

These are just a few things that I hear constantly on why you can't do the program.  I didn't write the article to be flippant, I know some of your situations truly can't support the nutrition program at this time, but I want to encourage you, if it's at all possible sign up.  It will be of tremendous benefit to you.




Snatch Balance


Muscle ups x3/Ring dips x 5/ Push ups x 7

Burpees x 6

Wall Ball x 9

AMRAP 15 minutes

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