5-1-18...The Bannister Method...

Roger Bannister did something that most people said would be impossible.  He broke the record and a ran a mile in under 4 minutes. 

He didn't accomplish this by running 1 mile as fast as he could.  He broke it down into manageable steps.

He analyzed the run stride by stride.  He set goals for each leg of the 1 mile run.  He knew what each split needed to be.  He had people pace him in a relay to make sure he hit those splits for every section of that mile. He did something "impossible" but he did it through a series of manageable steps.

All of our programs at LivLimitless are set up this way.  Looking at the end goal and taking those manageable steps to get you there. Each program is designed to break it down into steps that will help you achieve your goals when you follow the steps.

Personalized Group Coaching

This program is the group program that most of you are in.  We have accountability coaches checking in with you.  We have nutritional guidelines to help you.  We have programmed and coached workouts designed to elicit a specific response.  All you have to to do is be consistent, show up, and follow the guidelines and you'll be successful here.

Need more accountability or some customized programming and accelerated results?

We are now offering a Semi- Private Personal Training option.

This option will take specific things that you need to accomplish and adjust the program based off of those parameters.  You'll be in a group of no more then 4 people so that you have a coaches watchful eye on you all the time.  You also get customized nutrition plans and access to group classes if it's needed as well.  This is a fantastic option for people who need more accountability and a more customized hands on approach.

Want to lose the most body fat and have the greatest body transformation in the shortest amount of time?  Then the Amazing 12 program is where you want to be.

This program is designed to accomplish the greatest transformation in the shortest possible time.  When you follow the program to the letter you will achieve the biggest transformation genetically possible for you within that 12 week time frame.  It's literally the greatest 12 week body transformation program in the world.  If this is something you're interested in we are taking a waiting list for our next wave which will begin at the end of the summer.

Need more accountability in Nutrition? 

Then our better body program is where you need to be.  This program is 16 weeks of guidance with 12 weeks of meal plans and lectures, accountability, recipes; everything you need to be successful in the food battlefront.  Those who follow the program see tremendous results in both their body composition as well as their training.  I personally hit personal records in all my lifts and all I changed was me following my program.

Last but not least we have personal training.

We do not take many personal training clients as this is our most hands on approach, but if you need a very high level of service with both one on one coaching/ programming, customized nutrition, and an all around focused effort by your coach to achieve the best outcome possible for you this is the route to go.

If you have any questions about any of these programs, feel free to talk to Krystal or myself and we can take care of you.  Our goal is to offer programs that accomodate everyone's needs in order to help you recieve exactly what you need.  Let me know how we can help you.





HH Clean and Jerk


Hang clean x 10

Push press x 20

Front rack barbell stepping lunge x 10 each leg

5 rounds for time

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