11-14-19... Keep Going...

Keep going.  Life gets in the way.  Things get disheveled.  Believe me I know.  I moved businesses and am working in the middle of a construction zone for goodness sake!

With all the work that needs to be done there, it's easy to brush aside the exercise, and find excuses on why I can't work out.  Yes I go through the same struggles you do.

It's important that no matter what you still make your health a priority.  As we get deeper into the holiday season, I want you to really make that a focus.  Stay true to what your goals are.  Dig in, even when it's tough and we have a million things to do.

We got this!



Overhead Press


Thrusters x 15

Pull ups/ Inverted Rows x 9

Burpees x 7

AMRAP 20 mins

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