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Do something...

The key to success is to first get started.  Do something, anything.  Nothing happens until you do something.  We see this all the time, people stop getting results or fail to get results due to lack of activity.  Many spend a lot of time waiting and hoping for motivation, but in reality, starting is what creates the motivation.  Get moving, start eating healthy, even if it's one small step, any progress is better than no progress.

If you've fallen off, get back going, make a movement towards progress.

Do something...


11-5-19 Workout


HH Clean and Jerk


Met Con:

Ladder +3 every round.  3 thrusters, 3 burpees, then 6 thrusters, 6 burpees, then 9 thrusters, 9 burpees etc.

KB Swings (Helen weight)


AMRAP 12 minutes

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