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What we are known for is great workouts that are highly effective at creating results.  Although, the gym floor isn't the way we ideally want it right now, I'm super excited about being able to get more creative and still creating an amazing workout.  For example, we did a version of pull ups the other day using a barbell and a squat rack.  The amazing thing about exercise is the tremendous amount of possibilities available to achieve the desire outcome. 

Get excited about what we have in store, it'll be fun, effective, and still produce the results you desire, and when it's all said and done, our space will be amazing!!

Thanks so much for being here!



11-4-19 Workout



Met Con:

1000m row

Push ups x 50

250m row

Push ups x 40

250m row

Push ups x 30

250m row

Push ups x 20

250m row

Push ups x 10

500m row

for time


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