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Transformation starts with a choice and continues with a commitment

- Unknown

We all say we want to transform, but have you actually made a decision to do so? 

If you have, then now it's time to commit to the outcome. 

What's the best way to do that? 

Pick behaviors that if committed to consistently will yield the desired outcome.  For example, we've all made a decision we want to lose weight, but then Friday night comes and we are right back to doing the habits that got us to where we are currently.

What habits can you commit to in order to make permanent change?

Start small, maybe it's drink 1/2 bw in ounces of water a day, or commit to exercising 2-3 times a week.  Think about where you are at, and commit to something that you can achieve.  Build those new habits in, and then you'll add to them once the first thing becomes a habit. 

This is how you create long term change, make a decision, commit to behaviors, and enjoy the transformation.


10-22-19 Workout


DB Romanian Deadlift

Hip Thrust

Met Con:

Pull ups x 5

Push ups x 10

Single Arm DB Stepping Lunges x (10 each leg)

Sit ups x 20

5 rounds for time

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