10-16-19....Why So Negative?

Did you know that 62% of the English words to describe emotions are negative?  62%!!!

So over half of all words used to describe your emotions are negative.  We all spend so much time talking negatively to ourselves, and negative to other people, and negative about other people.

What I want to talk about today is being negative with yourself. 

You see, you can talk negatively to yourself and you can believe it, but where the real power lies is stepping back and observing your thoughts.  Have you ever done that?  Have you ever had a conversation in your head where you say one thing, and then you're like no that's not right, and you correct whatever voice that was that was talking to begin with? 

No?  Just me?  I doubt it. 

What you just did was acknowledge that the thoughts in your brain are not always right, and they are not you.  You are the one who observes the thoughts, and when you realize that, incredible power can happen.  What that leads to is a negative thought coming in, and then you asking yourself, "is that true?"  Typically the answer is no, and then you can take it one step further with, "is this thought serving me well?"  If the thought is creating joy and bliss then maybe it's a good thought, but if it's negatively impacting you and it's not really true, why hold onto it?  If you can get to the point, a fantastic thing can happen, you can let that thought go and never think about it again.  You don't have to dwell over it, or even give it another glance, just let it go, and just like magic, your mental state is better.

I don't mean to sound flippant here at all, because I know this is incredibly difficult, but I want to encourage you to give it a try and I'd love to hear how it goes.


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