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You may or may not know that we do personal training.  While many of you are perfectly happy with the group classes, and I get it because those classes are awesome, you may have some needs that can be met outside of the class setting.

Here are some things that personal training can help with:

1) Injuries

Nagging injuries that you've had since high school, or something that has just recently come up, in a personal training setting we can work on getting those things healed up for good and get you rolling fully in the regular classes again.  Also, you can do the group classes and supplement a few sessions here and there for some injury work, healing those issues and continually progressing towards your goals.

Also, in case you didn't know, I am a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC for short) that means I have a similar skill set as a physical therapist and can work with you on injury rehabilitation for about as much as you'd pay for your copay with a physical therapist.  Consider this as well, we are doing an hour of focused time rather then 30-45 mins of work by a PT in a setting usually where they are seeing multiple patients at one time.  (Believe me, I used to work in a clinical setting, I know how these things go).

It may also serve you to know that Anthony and myself are also Paul CHEK 1 Certified.  This is an extremely in depth certification that focuses on postural, mechanical, and systemic fixes that translate into fantastic results and alleviation of pain for good.  You can check out the CHEK institute here: https://chekinstitute.com/paul-chek/  just know that this certification is no joke and respected by doctors around the world.

2) Focusing on specific skills

Muscle ups, hand stand push ups, pull ups, running, clean and jerk, snatch, we have 100's of ways to teach each one of these skills, and if you really want to spend some focused time on actually learning them and get homework to do etc to grow your skill level, this is an excellent use of PT.  Depending on what the skill is, myself, Anthony, or Krystal can all help you with these skills.  This doesn't have to be a long term commitment, you can spend a month and work on muscle ups, and then practice on your own etc.

3) Getting started

Most of the people that are reading this blog have already joined our program, so I may be preaching to the choir here, but I wanted to take a second to suggest an excellent use of PT. If you are a member of the gym, MANY of your friends are scared to death to join because they are intimidated etc.  Personal training is an excellent way to ease them into the lifestyle of exercise and nutrition.  It's a lot less intimidating to work with someone one on one, and we can spend as much time as they need getting them "more fit," so that they can join the group when they feel ready.  I've heard time and time again that your friends need to get in shape before joining.  Working in a one on one setting is an excellent shape to help put their mind at ease and get them rolling in the right direction.  We've had several members recently follow this path and are now doing fantastic in the group setting.

4) Specific goals

You may have strength goals, or body building goals, or athletic performance goals that fall outside of the group class setting.  PT is an excellent way for us to help you achieve those goals.  I have trained several athletes who have gone on to earn scholarship at the collegiate level.  I've also trained several people who have performed well in military settings both Air Force para rescue, and BUD/s for the Navy SEAL's .  I've also trained several women who have one pageants like Miss Oklahoma etc.  If you're look to take your training to the next level this is a good option for you.

Who do you know that can benefit from these services?  We'd love to have a chat with them and see how we can help them.


10-15-19 Workout


Overhead Press

Met Con:

Deadlift x 21

DU x 50 / Singles x 250

Deadlift x 15

DU x 50/ Singles x 250

Deadlift x 9

DU x 50/ Singles x 250

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