10-14-19....Full Harvest....

"You can't expect a full harvest when you're not willing to put forth your best effort."

- Unknown

This is so fitting for the fitness industry or anything for that matter.  We all say we want a six pack, or want to be millionaires etc, but most of us are not putting in the work required to actually reach those goals.  It's easy when we are sitting on the couch to talk about how in shape we want to be, but it's way more difficult when it's 40 degrees outside, and you need to get up at 5am to make the 6:30am class in order to get your work out in.

Everyone talks the big talk, but what are you doing to actually make those dreams happen?  Action speak louder then words, take action, and get results.


10-14-19 Workout


Back Squat

Met Con:

Dips x 5

Pull Ups x 5

Box Jumps x 10

AMRAP 12 mins

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