10-1-19... Motivation Is Overrated....

You don’t have to be motivated first to take action.

Action actually creates motivation.

Most people get caught up on motivation. They think they can't go workout today because they don't feel motivated etc.  I struggle with motivation just like you all do.

But here's the cool thing....

Action begets motivation.  So just the act of starting to do something motivates you to progress.  Next time you're lacking motivation, get your booty in the car and drive to the gym, the rest will take care of itself.

You see, you will never regret showing up and working out.  But most likely you will always regret thinking about it and not doing it.  If not in the moment then later with your lack of results.

When lacking motivation. Take action.




Levels Testing


"Partner Kelly"

400m Run

Box Jumps x 30

Wall Balls x 30

5 rounds for time

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