9-16-19.... What Happens to You?

I heard this phrase the other day and it's really resonated with me....

"What if everything happens for you and not to you?"

Think about that for a second.  Sometimes it's hard to imagine, but maybe everything that happens in your life has some sort of meaning and benefit to it.  Maybe just maybe no matter how awful that event was, maybe there is a silver lining, a reason for it.

For example, I think about my dad.  He was not a great person, and certainly was an awful dad.  He couldn't take care of me, and I pretty much can count on one hand the amount of times I hung out with him.  Most of my interactions with him were negative and he was always a victim.  I struggled through all my teenage years being angry at him for leaving me, and never having a relationship with him, but if I look closely I can flip the script.

You see, events are just events until we put meaning behind them.  That meaning can be positive or negative, it all depends on your outlook.

For me with my dad, I learned a long time ago to let go of the anger and resentment, and realize that him giving me up and staying out of my life was most likely the best thing he could've done for me.  I am who I am today because of the influence of my grandparents who adopted me.  To take it one step further, I had an excellent blue print of how not to act as a dad, and with my own children I strive for presence and engagement with them constantly.  My upbringing showed me how not to be, and has allowed me to become a greater father.

So yeah, that event happened for me not to me.  It's hard to see sometimes, but I believe that the case can be made for anything that happens.  What are some events in your life that have happened that you can flip the script on and see what good has come out of it?



Max Testing:

Clean and Jerk


Air Squats x  1 min

Sit ups x 1 min

DU/Singles x 1 min

Burpees x 1 min

3 Rounds for reps

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