9-12-19... Just Show Up...

Life gets busy, it gets hectic, we all are involved in things that take away from us.  It happens.  I get it.  We fall off of our workout routine.  Workouts don't go as expected.  We fall of of nutrition.  These things happen.  It's human nature.  It's not the issue that you fall off.  It's whether you get back on.

I hear this all the time, well x, y, and z, happened and I'm such a failure, I've let you down etc.  And then they spiral out of control.  I'm here to tell you that you didn't let me down, I'm not judging you, I'm not condemning you for eating a cheeseburger. 

What I am here to do is help you keep going. 

We ALL struggle. 

It doesn't get any easier, the key is to show up.  The beautiful thing about exercise, nutrition, etc is that we can start over the very next meal.  It doesn't even have to be the next day or next week.  We tell ourselves we will start back tomorrow or on Monday and then that never happens.  What you have to do in this situation is just decide to change the behavior.  Right now, not in 5 mins, or tomorrow, or next week, just change right now.  Snap your finger and say I'm making a change and then do it.  Follow through with the promises to yourself.

I'm about to get real with you for a second, so hold on tight....

It's an integrity thing.  Integrity is basically doing the things we say we are going to do.  The person we lack the least integrity for is ourselves.  We short change ourselves all the time.  We go back on the promises we make to ourselves. 

Then we get down on ourselves like we are some kind of colossal failure.

You're not.  You're human. 

Decide right now to do the things you say you're going to do.  The best thing you can do is show up.  Just show up.  Show up to the gym.  Show up to your nutrition promises.  Make that a priority.  Hold the standard with yourself. 

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Wall Balls x 20

Box Jumps x 10

DU x 30/Singles x 150

5 Rounds for time

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