9-10-19... Difficult Times...

How do you respond to difficult times?  We all go through, we have struggles.  You are not alone.  EVERYONE has something their struggling with, personally, emotionally, physically, financially etc.

When faced with difficult times we can have one of 3 outcomes....

I heard a great quote recently from a guy named Jim Kwick.... "Difficult times can either define us, diminish us, or develop us."

How do you respond? 

Do you let a difficult time define you? 

You're going through a hard time, are you using that to define every outcome?  If you are, you know right now that you are.  I'm not here to judge, just merely here to help.  When you let something define you, that's a choice.  You've chosen to let that define you.  The beauty of that is, you can also choose to not let that define you.  How awesome is that?

Do you let difficult times diminish you? 

We've all been in situations where things were difficult and we let it diminish us and bring us down.  Heck when I was in middle school, I let difficult times define me and diminish me.  I was no good.  I'd never have any friends.  I was the fat kid.  I was the person that kids picked on.  I went to school daily thinking I was unworthy of love.  So much so, that I almost ended it.  All because I didn't have anyone speaking these truths into my life.  I let someone else have the power over me.  I let the difficult time diminish me and make me feel like I was unworthy.  I could choose to still feel that way, or I can choose a different path.

The last option is, do you let difficult times develop you?

ALL the great stories of enormous success come after some kind of great failure.  Don't believe me?  Just try this exercise.  Think of any major successful person and you can usually fine some difficulty that was a turning point for them.  Steve Jobs was kicked out of his own company as CEO.  Richard Branson was told he was too stupid to do anything successful.  Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team.  Fred Smith of FedEx was about to go bankrupt and brought the business back from collapse.  The list goes on and on.  The difference between these people and the rest, is they let the difficulty develop them.  You see nothing good in life comes without struggle.  Diamonds are made from millions of years of great pressure applied to coal.

Some of you are struggling right here right now.  Some of you are struggling to get to the gym.  Some of you are struggling financially.  Some of you are struggling emotionally.  WHATEVER your struggle, you get a choice.....

Will it define you, diminish you, or develop you?

You choose. 






"Nasty Girls"

Squats x 50

Muscle ups x 7 

Hang Power clean x 10

3 Rounds for time

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