9-5-19... What Kind of Goals Are You Setting?

Most people have heard of S.M.A.R.T. goals.  It's what we've learned and taught for years on how to set goals.  It stands for....






Of course this is all well and good, and it's worked for many people for many years.  That being said, millions of people set these goals and don't follow through.

I heard a new thing the other day and in all my reading and studying of leadership, fitness, etc, I've never heard it before.  It's the concept of H.E.A.R.T. goals.

H - H stands for healthy.  Do the goals support your health and wellbeing both physically, but also emotionally, and spiritually?

E- E stands for enduring.  As we go through hard times the tendency to quit creeps up. It this goal enough to keep you motivated enough to keep going?

A- A stands for alluring.  Is this goal alluring enough to pull you towards actually achieving it?

R- R stands for relevant.  Is this goal relevant enough to you to solve a personal problem for you?

T- T stands for truth.  This is your truth.  It's a goal that you want to accomplish for you, not because society wants you to, or because your parents wanted you to etc.  This goal has to be for you.

I think setting up your goals this way could be the key to actually making these things come true.  What do you think?






Thrusters x 3

DU x 20/Singles x 100

Thrusters x 6

DU x 20/ Singles x 100

Thrusters x 9

DU x 20/Singles x 100

Thrusters x 12

DU x 20/Singles x 100

etc... AMRAP 15 mins

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