9-3-19... Time....

I was listening to a pod cast last week, and there were some things said on there that really moved me.  Specifically, Jesse Itzler was talking about how finite time is.  We all act like we have all this time in the world but in reality we could be gone tomorrow.  The average American lives to be 77 years old.  He mentioned that his parents are elderly and they live in Florida, so if you have elderly parents and you visit them twice a year, if they only have 5 years left, he doesn't have 5 years with them, he has 10 visits.....

Whoa what a paradigm shift.  Only 10 more visits.  With that perspective he , makes every moment with them count, where he's present in the moment.  

Think about this summer is almost over, if you're like an average American and you're 40 years old, you've got 37 summers left.  That's it.  How many more Monday's will you get?  As we go into this week, let's treat time more like the finite resource it is.  One of the best ways to do that is to be present.  Be in the moment, practice presences with who you're with be in the moment where your feet are, not worrying about something else. 

Have a great week! Let's make the time this week count!






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