8-30-19... My Vision Board....

Yesterday I posted an article on how to make a vision board.  Recently I created my own vision board, and it's been pretty motivating looking at it everyday.  I've been more focused and I've harder towards my goals. 

One of the pictures I posted was of two males who I would like to model my physique after. That has been my focus now with dialing in my nutrition and my training.  It has helped tremendously and keeping me on task, doing my workouts, and prioritizing what I'm putting in my body.

Have you ever made a vision board?  What are your thoughts about them?






Muscle ups x 12/Pull ups x 21

Box Jumps x 21

KB Swing x 21

TTB/KTE x 21

Muscle ups x 9/Pull ups x 15

Box Jumps x 15

KB Swings x 15

TTB/KTE x 15

Muscle ups x 6/Pull ups x 9

Box Jumps x 9

KB Swings x 9


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