8-26-19... Hold Fast and Stay True....

Hold fast and stay true....

I heard this on a podcast one day and I love the message behind it.  It was said by a Navy SEAL and in his training he learned this phrase.  It was deeply rooted in the history of the Navy.  So far so, that it was coined when the Navy was still using wooden ships....

Back in the day when they were sailing, if a bad storm came you would have to hold fast and tightly to something attached to the ship so you didn't get washed overboard with the waves.  Also, during that time, if they couldn't see the sun or landmarks due to the darkness or storms, they had to rely on their compass to stay true to the direction they wanted to travel.

In life, we are going to weather all kinds of storms.  It's important always to hold fast and tight to your ship.  Hold tight to what you believe in.  Pull those close to you closer.  Lean into your supports and hold on through the storm.  Moreover, keep your compass pointed in the right direction and follow where you believe it should take you.

Hold fast and stay true. 




Tall cleans and clean pull


OHS x 10

Sit ups x 20

400m run

5 rounds for time

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