8-23-19... Tomorrow Is THE DAY

Oh my goodness guys and gals, ever since I thought this day up, I have been so excited about it!  Tomorrow is the First LivLifeChallenge. 

I'm telling you this thing will be so much fun and super exciting.  The more people that come the better so please come.  We are going to have a great time.

Here's the deal.....

We are going to use this opportunity to create an environment similar to our old boot camp graduation.  That day was so fantastic, it was truly a celebration and that's what we want this to be.

We will be testing your baseline workouts, and doing photos, measurements etc.

More importantly, we will be giving out prizes!!!

What? What? You ask...

Yep there will be prizes involved!


We are planning on doing this every 8 weeks so we can show your improvement, so next time there will be even bigger prizes based off of relative improvement from this time.  So show up and show out, and the next 8 weeks you'll have something to look forward to again!

I want 100 people here tomorrow, bring your friends and family to cheer you on.  It's going to be a great event.

BTW: After the event we are going to go to brunch, so that'll be awesome as well!

Come join the fun, join the community, cheer on others, and they'll cheer you on.  It's a celebration and it's truly Living Life #LivLifeChallenge




Tall clean and jerk 


DB snatch x 5

Box jumps x 10

250m row

5 Rounds for time

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