I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about the LivLifeChallenge this weekend.  Saturday we are having one class, and we are going to combine, bootcamp, group classes everything into one event.

We were reminiscing about the boot camp we used to run and one of the coolest things we did was the graduation ceremony.  This was a fantastic event that made people feel like rock stars and also gave us a fantastic workout.

We decided we wanted to bring that atmosphere back.  So what we are doing is a form of the baseline workout.  Our goal is to have 100 people here to participate.  Bring your friends and family to watch and cheer you on.  We will run the workouts in heats.  We have also tweaked the baseline workout a bit, and we are adding some different elements to the day as far as working out is concerned.

Lastly, we are all planning on going to eat mexican food after together.  It's really going to be a great time, and I'm extremely excited about this event.  Please plan on being there, it's going to be a great party!




Back Squat


Power Clean x 21

Burpees x 9

800m Run

Power Clean x 15

Burpees x 15

800m Run

Power Clean x 9

Burpees x 21

800m Run

For time

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