8-16-19... Building Update...

Hey everyone, I just wanted to check in with you and let you know we are still going through the process of purchasing our new building.  Currently we are working through the construction plans in order to create the best space possible for the least amount of expense to build it.  We all like to save money lol.  Anyway, this is a process and it takes time, but things are moving along.  We should have construction finalized by the end of this week, then we can wrap up appraisal, and from there it's clear the title.  Our hope is to close on the building by the end of this month.  

After we close we have to do buildout to get it ready for use.  This will happen as quickly as possible.  We are praying we can be conducting classes in the new space by Oct. 1st.  I will let you know.  It's a very very aggressive construction schedule. We are doing our best.  I can not wait until we are in our new space.  It's going to be fantastic! 




Bench Press


HH Power Clean x 1 min

Mountain Climbers x 1 min

Push Press x 1 min

Burpees x 1 min

1 min rest

3 Rounds for reps

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