8-14-19...Accept You're Going to Have to Suffer....

We all say we want to be more successful.  We all say we want more money, or want a better job, or want to be more fit, or want more education.  The list goes on and on.

In reality, we love the idea of those things but we don't really want to put in the work to achieve those things.  You see ALL growth comes from being uncomfortable.  The truly successful understand this.  They understand that in order to grow you have to suffer.  You have to expect.  Nothing great in life comes without struggle.  We all love the story of the over night sensation.  What we don't know is that every time without fail, that overnight sensation was due to tons and tons of hard work.  There is alway a back story of struggle.  Committing to it on the front end or at least understanding that it is necessary to suffer at least some, will set you up to win.

In fitness, most people quit when it gets hard.  Or worse, they quit before they even try because they thing it'll be too hard.  In reality, if you just grind through it, if you just try your best, the difficulty usually isn't as bad as you made it out to be in your mind.  Yes you'll be uncomfortable.  Yes you'll suffer some.  But that is what it takes to grow and progress.

If you want to make progress in life in any endeavor, get comfortable with the idea that you will be uncomfortable.  Seek it out.  Do things that are hard, do things that make you uncomfortable, because that is how you grow.  No growth, zero, zilch, nada, has EVER happened within your comfort zone. 

Accept the fact that in order to grow you'll need to suffer, embrace it, enjoy it.  The more you do, the greater your capacity will expand, and the less it'll actually feel like suffering.

What can you do that will make you uncomfortable and help you grow today?  Go do it!







V Up medball hand off x 10

KB Swing x 10

DU x 20/Singles x 100

AMRAP 15 mins

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