8-12-19... Thoughts Living In Your Head...

I heard this quote the other day and thought it was great....

"No thought lives in your head rent free."

- T. Harv. Eker

It's really something to stop and think about.  Every thought you have, you put a meaning on and that meaning creates something inside of you.  The thought can either be empowering, or disempowering depending on what meaning you put on it.  We all love to run around thinking that we are in charge of our thoughts, but for most we let our thoughts run us, and then let our emotions drive.

Here's the great thing about human consciousness though, you are NOT your thoughts.  We know this because you can actually observe yourself thinking those thoughts.  As soon as a thought enters your mind, you can observe it, think about it, and then decide if it's a thought that is serving you well.  You can put the meaning on it.  You can decide whether it will empower you.  OR You can decide that it's not serving you and then you can release it.

Pretty cool huh?

Take some time today to observe your thoughts.  How do they affect your emotions?  Can you change the thought pattern to positively affect you?




Front Squat

Back Squat



1000m row

Thrusters x 50

Pull ups x 30

For time

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