8-8-19... Cherish Your Family...

Yesterday we lost our dogs.  Noah let them out and forgot to let them back in before we left.  While we were gone they dug out and when we got home they were gone.  Luckily we found Waffles at the front door, but Connor our 13 year old lab mix was missing in action.

We spent the next 4 hours searching for him.  We drove the neighborhoods, walked the neighborhoods calling him.  The kids and I walked what I'm guessing to be around a legitimate 5-6 miles in the woods calling and searching for him.  The kids cried the whole 4 hours.  Noah kept blaming himself.  Even though I kept comforting him and telling him accidents happen, he still shouldered the blame.  Layla was worried Krystal would never forgive them.  It was heartbreaking.  We even found another persons dog that looked just like Connor.  From a distance we were like oh my gosh we found him.  He came running up and when we realized it wasn't him, the kids lost it.  Poor guys.  We found that owner so that was good.  Still didn't have our dog though.

After we walked all through the woods we finally got back to the house exhausted.  Three doors down from us there was a man and little boy throwing a baseball.  We walked up to him and asked if they'd seen a dog around, and the guy said he hadn't seen him.  We turned around heartbroken and then right beside us, he came running out from under some bushes.  Who knows how long he'd been there.  Long enough that he didn't show himself to the guy and boy playing baseball.  Either way we got him back.  Thank goodness.

We see him everyday, so we took for granted how much of an important part of the family he is.  We didn't think about it until he was gone.  We were pretty convinced we'd never see him again, and it was heart wrenching.  A lot of time we take for granted how good we have it.  We take our family members for granted.  We even take our other communities for granted (like the gym etc).  We don't know how much it actually meant to us until it's gone.  We never know when things are going to end.  You never know when you're going to lose a family member.  Even if it's a furry one.  So cherish the moments.  Don't take them for granted.  We got lucky and found him, but a big hole would be in our family if the worst had happened.

What have you taken for granted lately?  Who can you show appreciation and gratitude to? 






DB Snatch x 10

TTB/KTE x 10

Push ups x 20

DU x 20/Singles x 100

AMRAP 15 mins

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