7-31-19.... What Separates Us Part 1....

We've as a staff have been delving in very deeply on what separates us from the all the crowded noise in the fitness market place.  I wanted to take some time to go over it with you.  I know many of you may know these things, but some of you may not know how to articulate it, especially when talking with your friends, so here are some points that make us different from every other gym out there.....

We focus on Fun, Fast, Fat loss...

We are striving to put the FUN in FUNctional training.  All of the movements that we do translate into better performance in life.  That’s why we call them functional.  In our program, you’ll lift, squat, jump, push, pull, run, row, and do everything in between.  We have over 500 different movements that we implement, and by constantly varying the workouts, you will never get bored.  By focusing on all the different variations, it creates fast results that will help you slim down, tighten, tone, and help you lose fat!  Most importantly it is Engaging, Exciting, Different Every day, and Community based FUN.  Here, you’ll find friends just like you, all working towards the common goals of health and fitness, and encouraging you in a team like environment to help you feel warm, welcome, and included.

This is our mission here and what we are striving to do.

I've got a few more factors that I'd like to discuss but will save them for the next blog.  Happy Training!




Snatch Balance


KB Swing x 21

400m Run

5 rounds for time

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