7-30-19... Share With Your Friends...

This past week we did a bring a friend day which was fantastic!  We were so happy to meet so many new faces.  I wanted to take a second and give you some ammo to help bring your friends to the gym...

We are offering a 6 week trial!! We are calling it Burn and we are super excited to introduce your friends to this! 

This one has a start date and begins this Saturday. 

Here is what your friends can get by joining us for this trial....

- 6 Weeks of Unlimited Training

- They can attend any class

- Recipes and Nutrition guidelines

- Before/ After photos and measurements

- Workout Journal

- T- shirt

- Check ins from a coach

We are wanting to introduce our full program to as many people possible so feel free to share this information.  You can also point them to this link so they can see what they get and opt in for us to talk with them:  Click Here!

Again this session starts this Saturday, so let's get this thing rolling and let's help your friends achieve their goals!




Clean and Jerk




HH Clean

Push Press

Pull ups

for time

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