7-29-19... It Starts With a Decision....

Everything we do to be successful or unsuccessful starts with a decision.  That decision is usually a decision to take action or a decision to not take action.  The ones that we make to take action are usually followed by pain points.  You see in order for us to change, we must make a decision that the pain of staying where we are is greater then the perceived pain of making that change.

For example, many people don't join us because they are afraid they can't do it.  Maybe they are afraid of failure, maybe they are afraid of judgement, or maybe they are just afraid of hurting themselves.  You and I know that all of those things are unfounded, but it's a real thing most people have to overcome. 

It'll start with a decision.  The decision to make a change.  The decision to show up.  Once you show up, it's never as bad as you thought it would be.  In fact, it's usually quite the opposite.  In the case of LivLimitless, you'll have support, and systems and processes in place to help you be successful.  You'll have people that genuinely care about you, and want to see you win.  In fact, one of our core values is, "When you win, I win."

Many people choose inaction.  You see even if it's subconsciously, the choice was made.  Choosing to do nothing is still a choice, and usually it leads to greater pain and remorse for not making the changes we know we need to take.

Being successful or failing both start with a decision.  Which decision will you make?






OHS x 5

Ring dips x 10

TTB/KTE x 10

AMRAP 15 mins

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