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This last testing cycle we decided to remove olympic lifting from the lifting templates, and in lieu of that do some accessory work.  We also added an olympic weightlifting class to supplement the oly lifts.  Lastly, I pretty regularly programmed olympic lifts in the conditioning workouts so that the exposures were consistently happening.

With all of that, I noticed during testing that many people struggled when testing those lifts.  So this cycle, I've decided to bring olympic lifting back into the main rotation.  We will be working on skill transfer exercises, and the actual clean and jerk and snatch weekly.  These movements are fantastic for developing overall human performance and create phenomenal results in people.

So get excited, clean and jerk and snatch are coming your way!




HH Snatch Wave


Row x 1 min

KB Swing x 1 min

Burpees x 1 min

5 rounds for reps

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