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Being consistent in an endeavor usually begets success in that endeavor.  With fitness, being consistent in our efforts, both inside and outside the gym leads to results, and those results lead to more consistency and more consistency leads to results.  Consistency begets success, success begets consistency.  I just wanted to use the word begets but you get my point.

Now if that's the case with consistency, what is the case with inconsistency? 

Inconsistency with an endeavor that we ultimately want to be successful with will breed contempt.  If you're inconsistent with your fitness and you like the idea of being successful, then the inconsistency leads to cognitive dissonance, and that leads to contempt.  It can lead to contempt of self, it can lead to contempt of the program, it can lead to contempt of the gym, of fitness in general, and even of other people who are achieving success.  So when that happens we get fed up, angry, self loathsome and many times quit.  We blame work, we blame our spouses, we blame kids schedules, we blame anything we can to let ourselves off the hook but in reality the issue was that we decided not to be consistent. Contempt is a dangerous place to be, and ultimately it is a result of a decision to feel that way.  The same way it is a decision to not feel that way.

Inconsistency will beget contempt and contempt isn't good for anyone.  So if you want to be successful in any endeavor set yourself up with the ability to be consistent.  Everything else will take care of itself.   




Back Squat



400m run

Max pull ups

AMRAP 20 mins

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