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9-9-20… We Need Your Help

By September 9, 2020No Comments

We’ve been open for 11 years now, and personally been training people for 20 years.  We’ve had thousands of people walk through our doors over the years and have helped tons of people reach their goals. 

Covid 19 has hurt many small businesses and micro gyms are not the exception.  We need your help.  If you’ve ever considered training with us please stop by and let’s see what we can do for you.  If you’ve ever been a member of our gym, please come back, we’d love to take care of you. If you’re a current member, please invite your friends to our event. 

If we all work together we can continue to make a difference in people’s fitness and in their lives.

#supportsmallbusiness #keepthedreamalive #changinglives