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8-11-17… Accountability…

By August 11, 2017No Comments

Most of us struggle with accountability.  Even I struggle when I don’t have someone holding me accountable.

One of the major reasons our program is so successful is because there is a culture and expectation of accountability.  Your coaches hold you accountable to training which keeps you coming and staying consistent.  

This is a key factor in the success of our nutrition program as well.  We basically remove all the excuses that you could come up with.  

– Don’t know how to cook?

Great, we built out meal plans and recipes for you.

– Don’t know how to make good choices?

Great we teach you the why behind everything so you can make good choices for life.

– Don’t know how much to eat?

Great we give you specific amounts to achieve specific hormonal responses.

– Need accountability and coaching?

Great, we put you in a private Facebook group and coach you through everything.

– Can’t make the meetings?

No worries all the lectures are filmed and emailed to you.

We’ve got you covered and we have a massive 100% success rate from people who follow the program.

If you want to take your nutrition and training to the next level this is where it’s at.

PS: I started my macro program, the same one you’re doing, on Wednesday.  I need to dial my stuff in as well.

Talk to a coach to get you signed up!




Tall Cleans and Clean Pulls


Ring Dips x 10

KB Swings x 10

50m Run

15 minute AMRAP