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7-20-21…I’ll Take the Good Please…

By July 19, 2021No Comments

We only want the good parts.

‘I want to make a ton of money but I don’t want to work hard’

‘I want to play professional sports but I don’t want to put in the practice time’

‘I want to live in a big house, but I don’t want to create the income to pay for it’

‘I want the results in the gym but I don’t want to work hard or put in the effort to get them’

Are any of these you?

You don’t just get to take the good parts without the bad.

You have to put in hard work.  You have to earn the right to those results.

Guess what….

it’s not easy!

Following the right nutrition is not easy.

Doing the work every week is not easy.

Instead of stressing about how difficult it is, understand that you’ve chosen reality.

Reality is hard.  Don’t curse it or dread it.  Expect it, embrace it.

When it’s hard, you are experiencing exactly what you should be.

What you want is part of the whole, the good with the bad, the easy with the difficult.

You can’t deny the suck, instead embrace it!