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7-14-21… It’s OK to Go Off Plan…

By July 13, 2021No Comments

Is there value in a cheat day or even a meal?

Will it totally ruin everything that you’ve done if you do a cheat meal?

The answer is usually no.

If you have a severe response to gluten then I probably wouldn’t expose myself to a ton of that, but having a cheat day a couple times a month or even a cheat meal once a week isn’t bad for you, and I would argue is most likely necessary.

There’s a strong human connection to delayed gratification.

If you can work really hard for 6.5 days and spend the other half of the day of that week rewarding yourself with some of the things that you know aren’t great for you, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Emotionally this is extremely healthy.

Don’t feel bad about it. ¬†Enjoy it.

Moreover, overeating on carbohydrates etc can help reset some hormonal issues and in essence help pour some fuel on the fire.

The key is not cheating one meal a day, but eating really clean for most of the week and letting up a bit one day a week.

Do this and it’ll be helpful for you emotionally and physically.

What’s your go to off plan meal?