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7-10-17… Scaling….

By July 10, 2017No Comments

Our workouts are written to be scalable.  This means that the workout can be adjusted based off of your fitness level in order to achieve an intended physiological response from the workout.  Since my fitness level is different from yours, my workout will look slightly different from yours.  That’s the beauty of our programming, anyone at any fitness level can work out in the same class.  

That being said, even I sometimes have to scale a workout. The other day, I randomly pulled my calf muscle and currently can not jump.  So, I had to scale a workout with box jumps in it.  

Did I do the workout rx, or as prescribed?  

No I did not.  

Am I less of a person for not doing the workout to the highest score written on the board?  

No I’m not.

Did I get a great workout and progress towards my goals?

Yes, yes I did.

Did I do my best for that day?

Yes, yes I did.

My point is this, there is no shame in scaling a workout.  Sometimes it’s very necessary.  

I hear alot of, ‘I only did 12 inches on my box jump,’ or ‘I only lifted x amount of weight.’  This is not the best mental state to have.

What is important is always doing your very best.  When you do that you’ll continue progressing towards your goals, and that is what’s critically important.  

So next time, be proud of what you accomplished no matter what it is.  Find something to celebrate, and I promise you’ll see the results you desire.




Tall Cleans

Clean Pulls


DU x 30 OR Singles x 100

HSPU x 5 


AMRAP 12 minutes