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6-9-21… Climbing Mt. Everest…

By June 8, 2021No Comments

Too often we get stuck in a mindset of overwhelm when we are looking at our ultimate goals. For example, in fitness we look at wanting to lose 100lbs and the task becomes so overwhelming that many people don’t even get started.

If you wanted to climb Mt. Everest, that would be an extremely daunting task. But picture this….

If you were to climb 3 flights of stairs, that wouldn’t be too difficult. You could even take breaks at each flight, and it still wouldn’t take much time or too much effort. After doing this for a few weeks, the task itself would get pretty easy.

Assuming each stair is a standard 7 inches high or so. In two years of this minimal effort you will have climbed over 30,000 feet. That is higher then Mt. Everest.

So just by doing a simple task consistently over time, and focusing on those small accomplishments, an enormous feet could be accomplished.

I know it’s a stretch but bear with me….

Any large goal in life becomes overwhelming if we focus on the end and get down on ourselves about our starting point.

It’s a much more fruitful experience if you focus on the next task at hand. What are the behaviors that lead to the outcomes? What behaviors can you do right now in order to lead you where you want to go?

Focus on that. Accomplish that. Then go to the next. That is how you accomplish big things.