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6-19-17…. Always Give That Last 10%

By June 19, 2017No Comments

This is one of our core values.

What does that mean?  It can be used throughout your life.

We give 70%, 80%, 90% but we never give that last 10%.  If we do this in our life, in our work, in our communication, in our efforts we will be incredibly more successful.

This past week we started PR’s .  When you are testing a PR it is the absolute most you can lift one time.  The 100%.  Not the 80%, not the 90% but the 100%.

If you complete the lift you haven’t found your max yet.  You must push to failure.  You must go all the way until you can not lift it.  Then we’ve found your max.  Then we’ve found what you can lift.  Let’s push to that point and see what we can accomplish!







Power Snatch x 15

Box Jumps x 21       

TTB/KTE x 21       

Power Snatch x 12

Box Jumps x 15       

TTB/KTE x 15         

Power Snatch x 9

Box Jumps x 9       


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