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4-9-18… New Lifting Cycle….

By April 9, 2018No Comments

I’m so excited to start a new lifting cycle this week.

We are doing several things that are new in the cycle that many of you haven’t been exposed do on a strength building basis.

For example…

Our lifts this cycle will focus around sets of 5.  This is more on the strength side, but given that we’ve been working in the 10 range for awhile, we should see some dramatic increases in strength and muscle development (what you want, especially for fat loss).

Our accessory moves will also show some different looks including chin up strength work, and dip strength work, along with some new shoulder moves.

All of this should lead quite nicely into helping with your body fat and muscle growth heading into summer.  In addition strength on everything should go way up.

Also, we’ve decided that every other Saturday we will be doing a longer workout, either a hero WOD or a partner WOD etc just to do some fun things when we have a little bit more time. So expect every other Saturday to be a different flavor with no lift and a longer workout.

I’m looking forward to this lifting cycle and seeing what everyone can do.  The important factor for you is to listen to your coaches, follow instructions and push yourself with the burn outs.  Make sure you’re continuously going up.

Have a great week!




Back Squat while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


Wall Balls x 50

Deadlift x 21

Wall Balls x 35

Deadlift x 15

Wall Balls x 15

Deadlift x 9

For time