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4-13-18… The Afterburn…

By April 13, 2018No Comments

This video is a good explanation of some of the science behind the type of training that we do. The high intensity programming that we do creates a metabolic effect that generates fat burning throughout the rest of your day and many times into the next.  Especially, when you consider the hormonal effects such as increases in Human Growth Hormone, and Testosterone which causes the body to generate more muscle and burn more fat as well.

We’ve known this for years and years. Some companies do a better job of marketing this with shiny toys such as heart rate monitors etc. but the reality I’ve been programming like this for 18 years, and the fitness industry as a whole has been doing this since the 80’s for anyone who wants to create great muscle and lose fat.

Side note: There’s a huge misconception that you need to do long sustained cardio in order to create fat burning. In reality this is much more efficient and effective and actually creates better response both in fat loss and muscle gain.




Dip Clean and Jerk


Ring dips x 15

800m run

Ring dips x 12

400m run

Ring dips x 9

200m run

Ring dips x 12

400m run

Ring dips  15

800m run