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3-7-18….Thanks For Your Patience!

By March 7, 2018No Comments

We’ve got some great things going on at LivLimitless.  All part of the rebranding process.  Things never go as quickly as we’d like, but we are chugging along and getting things done as quickly as possible.

You may have noticed that we repainted the entire gym.  First the lobby, then the top of the gym floor, and recently last weekend we repainted the bottom half of the walls.  We changed the color of the gym to match our new logo, and we think it makes the space feel so much more open.  Hope you enjoy it.  We are also changing our workout boards, and are working on creating a look that is great and also functional.

We’ve got a ton of things coming for you, both on the gym floor, and in off the floor coaching.  We are always excited to service you more, and I hope you’re fired up about the positive changes taking place.

We welcome any feedback so please feel free to let us know.




Bench Press while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


GHD sit ups x 30


Rowing x 500m

KB Swings x 10

4 rounds for time


GHD Sit ups x 30