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3-13-17…. It’s PR Week!

By March 13, 2017No Comments

It’s PR week this week, so I thought I’d take a second to talk about how to properly warm up for a Personal Record.

One of the most important things we do in order to hit a max is do a proper warm up.

You have to build on the reps before it with proper weight in order to achieve the full potential of your max.  Here’s a sample rep scheme that works well if you have a previous max:

8 x 30-50% of your 1RM rest 1 minute

5 x 60% of your 1RM rest 1 minute

3 x 70% of your 1RM rest 2 minutes

1 x 80% of your 1RM rest 2 minutes

1 x 90% of your 1RM rest 2 minutes

1 x 101-105% of your 1RM (make sure you hit a PR here even if it’s by 1lb) rest 3-4 minutes more if needed

then 2-8% depending on how well the last lift went.  rest 5+ minutes until you feel ready again

continue that pattern until you fail.

Good luck this week and next!



Max Testing:

Front Squat


Hang Power Clean x 10

Pull Ups x 10

200m run

AMRAP 15 minutes