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3-12-18… Small Changes…

By March 12, 2018No Comments

Typically the things that are most effective for results are things that are sustainable.

Where most people make mistakes with their health and fitness journey is trying to do everything at once, making these radical changes and then wishing they were doing what they were doing before.

For example, going all in Paleo, and dreaming about Pizza every day, until you fall off the wagon, eat a pizza and then give up on everything because ‘you’re a failure.’ Sound familiar?

Here’s the deal guys, to really be successful you have to take the long term approach.

Why do you think our program commitments are typically 6 months or more? The reason being, it takes time to make lifestyle changes.

Warren Buffett didn’t make billions of dollars in a few months, it took him over 30 years by investing for the long term.

So here’s what you need to do.  Pick something small that has huge effects on your health to change.  For example, go to bed before 10:30pm every night.  Come on, do you really need to watch Jimmy Fallon?  If you do there’s a DVR for a reason.  That rerun of Friends will be available to watch later.  That one habit can make huge impacts on your health, your brain function, your hormones, your body fat etc.

That’s just one example.  Another example is, scheduling in your 3 workouts a week. Make it a non negotiable meeting.  If I told you that you’d get paid 2 million dollars in 1 year, and all you had to do was make three 1 hour meetings a week for that year, would you make it happen?  Of course you would because it’s not about ability, it’s about priority. So take a small action like that and make it happen.

Choose one thing and work on it for 2 weeks, make it a habit, then add something else on top of it.  This is the key to sustainable life change.  Make small changes, and continually improve.  The Japanese call this Kaizen. 

What is 1 thing that you can change this week that will have a dramatic improvement on your results?  Post it in the Facebook group so we can cheer you on.




Clean and Jerk


800m Run

Deadlifts x 10

4 rounds for time