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2-9-18… #breath

By February 9, 2018No Comments

Many of us forget to do this.

In fact recent research has shown that we spend so much time hunched over a computer or a device that it closes off our diaphragm and lungs and only allows us to have shallow breaths.

Also, theres other research that I read recently that showed that focusing time reading email, and social media causes you to breath shallow and you don’t even realize. This can cause physiological stress to your body and not allow your body to function correctly.

It’s been shown that spending a few times a day just focusing on your breathing can have dramatic affects on your health.

Focused breathing allows for decreased stress hormones, increase in cardiac function, and increase in brain function. Much of this is due to better oxygenated blood flow to your vital organs as well as your brain.

One of my favorite exercises to do is the 4-7-8 method. With this method you breath in quietly for a slow 4 count, then you hold for 7, and then exhale out with a slight audible noise for 8 seconds. Whenever you feel anxiety just doing 4 cycles of this can make significant hormonal and physiological changes in your body.  Let me know how it goes!




Back squat  while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


DB snatch x10

Box Jumps x20

Double unders x 20/Singles x 100

For Time