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2-5-18… Core Values Part 5: Fight For The Last 10%

By February 5, 2018No Comments

This has been a great discussion the past couple of days on our Core Values.  My hope is that you’ll go back and read over the work we put in on what it is and what it is not.  I hope it brings clarity to you, on what we are trying to accomplish and how we want to show up everyday.  I hope that it brings success and excitement to you to live by these core values and I hope it positively impacts the rest of your life outside the gym as well.

Last but not least here is our final Core Value….

Fight For the Last 10%

What it is:

Giving your all

Practicing Open communication

Embracing discomfort

Knowing you are worth it

Fighting for the heart

What it is not:

Holding back

Giving up

Shutting down

Staying in your comfort zone

Too many times we hold back, and we don’t give it our all, imagine if all we did was live by this one Core Value the world would be a much better place.

I hope you enjoyed the discussion.  Hopefully we can all strive to be better at these, and I’m looking forward to where we are going next year!

See you on the floor!




Dip Clean and Jerk


400m Run

KB Swings x50

Sit ups x75

KB Swings x50

Sit ups x 75

400m Run