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2-26-18… What’s Your Why?

By February 26, 2018No Comments

When going through a fitness journey, it’s critical to figure out what your why is?

Have you thought about it? Why are you doing this? Why work so hard? Do you have a real why?

Everyone says, ‘I just want to be healthy?’

Have you ever asked yourself why you want to be healthy? 

The reality is that once it gets hard you must have a greater why. When you have a greater why, you’ll still go when life is kicking you.

Fill out this statement:

‘As a _____________, I want to _______________ so that I can ___________________’

Use this to help begin crafting your story.  Then keep that in your heart, because when it gets hard it’s important to keep going.

Then ask yourself this question daily….

‘What am I willing to do today to move me closer to my goals?’

Post your answers in the Facebook group, I want to know.




Deadlift while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


30 seconds work and 30 seconds rest each movement x 5



Box Jumps

For Reps