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2-21-18… ABC’s….

By February 21, 2018No Comments

Today I want to talk about the ABC’s.  Not the normal ABCs but the ABC’s for your success here at LivLimitless.

What are they you ask?

Always Be Coachable.

One of the major keys for success here at LivLimitless is to remain coachable.  Many times our ego or pride can get in the way and we stop listening to the coaches.

For example, I was doing a workout today that was supposed to have 100 dumbbell thrusters in it.  I decided to go with 50lb dumbbells. (boy that was a mistake).  As the workout started grinding on me, I had made it to about 65 thrusters in 13 minutes.  The entire rest of the class was done with the workout and I had 35 more thrusters to do. I was averaging about 5 per minute at this point.  Now I could’ve finished all 100 thrusters for sure.  It probably would’ve taken me close to 20 minutes, but that wasn’t the intent of the workout.  The workout was intended to be done in 15 minutes or less.  I went too heavy on my thrusters to complete it in that time.  My coach Sarah came up to me in the workout and said, ‘you should stop at 75.  That’s plenty of work.’

The ego and pride in me said, yeah you can finish all 100, but I had to swallow my ego and stop at 75.  It took me just under 15 minutes.  75 thrusters was the right call, and it took me listening to my coach at the time to do it.

There are many situations where this comes up, but you see, we are professionals in our field.  We see 1,000s of people over the years, there are always trends, there are always some universal principles, and it’s our job to make sure you’re moving safely, effectively, efficiently, and getting results.  I want to urge each and every one of you to listen to your coach. If you have questions reach out. If your coach says you’re doing to much heed their warning. 

The best athletes are the ones who listen to their coaches, that’s why they begin to excel in the first place. Coaches see the whole picture and can make proper recommendations. 

Remain coachable and you’ll excel much quicker.

Always be coachable.  




Bench Press while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


Bar Muscle ups x 5

Thrusters x 10

AMRAP 15 minutes