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2-16-18….Follow the Plan…

By February 16, 2018No Comments

I get some form of these questions all the time…

‘Why am I not seeing results?’

‘What do I need to do to get to where I want to go?’

or my favorite….

‘I know what you told me to do, but that’s not really working for me, what can I do instead to get the results I want?’

All of these questions sound silly when you type them out like this or read them aloud but seriously, I get the same questions on a weekly basis.

The last one is the one I get the most.

You see, everyone wants an easy answer. Everyone wants the quick fix. That’s the lie we’ve been sold. Guess what guys and gals, THERE IS NO QUICK FIX.

Caveat… you may find something that works well in the short term, but there’s always a price to pay. If it does work quickly it’s usually not sustainable, or produces short lived results, or as soon as you go off of it the repercussions are worse.

So the real answer to this question is follow the damn plan we lay out for you.

We have the answers. It produces results. When we tell people that, they usually get irritated with us because it isn’t what they want to hear. Well, the truth of the matter is that we’ve been doing this for 18 years now, we know what works to produce sustainable highly effective results. It requires work, dedication, consistency, and most of all…… patience.

The last one is the hardest. We always want things quickly, and we get discouraged when it doesn’t come quickly. Keep celebrating those victories, and celebrate consistent progress.

You’ll get there, just follow the plan.




Tall Cleans

Clean Pull


Dumbell Thrusters x 100

At the top of each minute do 3 Burpees

For Time