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12-14-17… What’s Your One Degree Moment?

By December 14, 2017No Comments

Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit.  Before that point, water is just water.  It’s a little warm, but nothing happens until it crosses the threshold from 211 degrees to 212 degrees.

1 degree of difference changes the water from regular water to boiling water.  Just one degree. 

Too often we think that the little things don’t matter.  We think, ‘oh, we’ll just skip the workout today it doesn’t matter.’  Or, ‘we can just have this cheat day followed by another cheat day, it doesn’t matter.’

Or worse, we think, ‘it’s only one workout what does it matter?’ ‘It’s one healthy meal, or one measly pound on the bar it doesn’t matter.’

As proven by the water, 1 degree DOES matter, and it matters in both directions.  The little things matter.  Little efforts to improve your situation make a difference, they move you towards that One Degree Moment where it all changes.  Conversely, little things that take you away from your goals move you further from that moment of change.

What is your one degree moment? Have you had one? Are you extremely close and just don’t realize it?

Don’t get frustrated, keep focusing on the little things, and you’ll hit that threshold.  You’ll find your moment.




Max Testing:

Snatch Balance or Make Up Lift


Burpees x 10

TTB/KTE x 10

KB Swings x 5

AMRAP 15 Minutes