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12-11-20…Surviving The Times….

By December 11, 2020No Comments

Strange times we live in.  The Corona Virus numbers are still going up!  It’s easy to get overwhelmed or let your anxiety rise, or feel isolated and alone.

As it stands the world is not ending.  Yes people you know possibly even you will likely catch the virus.  Heck, Krystal and I even caught the stupid virus.  If you’re not in a high risk group, it should be a concern sure, but nothing to fret over.  The death rate is low on this virus for healthy people.  In fact, one of the best ways to battle this pandemic is working on your health.  Stay active, exercise, eat healthy….. it is still possible to not eat McDonalds etc). 

The most important thing is this…

Ta Eph’hemin, Ta Ouk Eph’hemin

I have this tattooed on my arm.  It literally translates to, what is up to us, what is not up to us.  What it means to me, is control what you can control and leave the rest to whatever you believe in.  For me, it’s God.  I can not control the rest of the world, I can only control my actions and my response to other people’s reactions.

Same goes for you.  The great thing about the human mind is that we can control our thoughts.  I know many of you don’t believe that but you can.  Your emotions are not your thoughts, and you can actually control your reaction to your emotions.  Whenever you have a thought that is creating anxiety, strife or worry, I want you to ask yourself two questions….

1) Is this true?

Meaning are the thoughts that are coming into my mind actually true based off of facts not hearsay.  If you really dig in, usually the answer will be no, or I don’t know based off of facts.  You’re usually basing most of your information on hearsay.

2) Is this thought serving me well?

This one is the most important.  Is the thought creating joy in you, or is it creating a negative emotion?  Is it necessary for you to feed into that thought?  Is it necessary to give it more life?  Is it something you can control? 

If not, let it go.

If so, figure out what action you need to take to correct the negative implications and do them.  Then stop fretting about it, you’ve done what you can do.

On the same tattoo I mentioned earlier, I have a set of lungs, one is blue, and one is red.  They remind me to breathe and to balance the red with the blue in my life.  Balance the stressful things with the calming things.  Stay centered.

I hope this helps you in this crazy times we live in.