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11-28-17… Change….

By November 28, 2017No Comments

I read this blog today from Seth Godin, and I thought it’d be prudent to share with you.  You can check out the original post by him here:  Click Here

Change is a word…

for a journey with stress.

You get the journey and you get the stress. At the end, you’re a different person. But both elements are part of the deal.

There are plenty of journeys that are stress-free. They take you where you expect, with little in the way of surprise or disappointment. You can call that a commute or even a familiar TV show in reruns.

And there’s plenty of stress that’s journey-free. What a waste.

We can grow beyond that, achieve more than that and contribute along the way. But to do so, we might need to welcome the stress and the journey too.

– Seth Godin    

Do you suffer from frustration of dealing with the stress in order to get the change?

Change requires hard work and a large amount of tolerance for struggle.

You decide if it’s worth it.





Overhead Squat

Met Con:

Pull ups x 50

Push ups x 50

Sit ups x 50

KB Swings x 100

For time