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11-22-17…. Victim or Victor…

By November 22, 2017No Comments

I had a conversation tonight with someone special to me about their mindset. This person was choosing to be a victim in their mindset. Whoa is me, these bad things happened to me, etc.

You see bad things happen to all of us. All of us think we have it bad. We think that our situation is the worst, but in reality, bad things happen to everyone.

The only difference in how you handle it vs how other more successful people handle it, is their mindset.

The truth is, there are events are not inherently good or bad until we put meaning on them. We decide whether they are good or bad. Our mindset controls how we respond to any given situation.

We choose to either be a victim of the situation, or we choose to be a victor because of the situation. 

What do I mean by that?

Two identical twins were born to a mother drug addict. They were separated at a young age. Both twins bounced around from foster home to foster home. Both twins were beaten and , abused, and molested in their youth by adults.

One twin turned out to be a drug addict, homeless person. One turned out to be a multi millionaire. A researcher was doing a project on success and used them as a case study. Neither twin, knew the other twin, and only became introduced after the research was released. When asked about why they ended up the way they did, both twins gave the same answer:

‘With the childhood I had, how could I not turn out the way I did.’

Two twins, very similar situations, very very different outcomes. They had the same genes so it wasn’t a genetic thing.

The difference was their mindset. One chose to be a victim. One chose to be a victor.

Which one will you choose in your life?




Clean and Jerk Wave

Met Con:

Dumbbell Snatch x 30 (total)

Overhead Walking Lunge x 30 each leg (with dumbbell)

800m run

2 rounds for time