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10-25-17… Discipline is Key…

By October 25, 2017No Comments

There is a misconception among many of my peers that because I am a fitness coach, it is somehow easier for me to dedicate myself to doing the right things for my health such as working out consistently, drinking water throughout the day, making sure I am in bed by 10PM in order to get a proper amount of sleep. I am a human being, it is just as difficult for me to do these things as it is for anyone else. There are days that I do not want to train, days I would much rather stay up until midnight watching Netflix, rather than getting a full 8 hours of sleep.

The thing is, for me, when it is a training day, and I do not want to train- I just do it anyways. When it is bedtime, and I am in the middle of a Netflix binge, I shut it down and go to sleep. I am on a mission to become the happiest, healthiest version of myself, and I know in order to do this, I will have to make sacrifices in the short term in order to become the person I want to become in the long term.

Habits are the building blocks of our lives. I encourage you to form habits that will allow you to become the very best version of yourself.


– Anthony

Great video: **Warning Not Work Family Safe but great info






OHS x 15

DU x 50 or Singles x 200

3 rounds for time